Rane Sessions for Congress

Had enough?  I have, and now I am running for office.  I am a registered Democrat that understands living in rural Kentucky. 

Nothing about us, without us!

Voting partisan rather than voting for your constituency is wrong.  I am tired of writing letters, sending faxes and emails, making phone calls and sending letters that fall on deaf ears.  I live in rural Kentucky, and our current Congressman does not represent me, my neighbors, or my colleagues.  It's time to step up and take charge to work with the people, for the people, by one of us.  I can and will do that.  It's time.   People I work with and for, cannot afford health insurance.  We have a rural hospital that cannot afford to treat people without insurance.  Most people I know cannot find employment that pays well.  It's time to take over from the people who have been in office and have done nothing but obstruct the working of the government.  We employ our Congress member, they need to work for us.  Voting about us, without our input, is without us!   

A new voice

The status quo doesn't work.  I'm new to politics, and want to address the issues we face -- unaffordable health care, family planning, strengthening Social Security and Medicare for our Seniors.  We have worked hard all our lives, and we paid into these systems.  It's not "entitlement" -- it's earned.

Seek something better

I had to march for science this year.  Our universities are focusing on STEM programs - Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathand they don't teach Science in elementary school or middle school where I live.  How does this make sense? Science is involved in farming!

  • For those of us who cannot find a candidate to represent us... well, we're stepping up to meet that need.  Vote Rane Sessions for the U.S. House of Representatives -- KY 2nd district.  Get rid of what doesn't work.
    Rane Sessions
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    Benjamin Rodriquez
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  • Rane is inquisitive, passionate, powerful with words, and a natural-born leader. She is running for the U.S. House of Representatives 2nd District in Kentucky against a candidate who has, up to now, run unchallenged. I am beyond proud to know this incredible woman and spread the word about her campaign. I invited most of you, FB Friends, to support her by liking her page. Now you know a little bit about Rane and why I support her. I hope you will consider doing so as well.
    Jessie Delmar

  • Fergie "Fireball" Patterson


Family Planning

Education, birth control, and medical care for children born with medical conditions.  Support infants and children who are already born.

Drug Addiction

Drug Court before incarceration.  Many people have overcome drugs addiction by mandated meetings and drug tested.  We want to keep families together and get them and keep them healthy!  It isn't something for the wealthy to earn money from in private prisons!


Support schools, not prisons.  We need citizens that are capable of critical thinking.  Science is part of that, so is math, English, Speech, Economics, Technology, and History.  Cursive is necessary to read our founding documents.  Music and Art helps with learning other languages.  Physical education, nutrition and life skills are all important.  Vocational schools need to be supported as well.


We need a real immigration program.  Do you know that someone from Central America who is fleeing drug lords and crime controlled communities has to wait for 13 years to be able to become a legal immigrant?  Families need to stay together.  DACA needs to be supported.

2nd Amendment

People who are identified as mentally ill should not be able to purchase or own automatic weapons.  


Fund it, fix it, use it.  It's very simple!  Rails, roads, and bridges need to be kept sound.





Want More?

Let's face what is in front of us and needs to be fixed, gotten rid of, or supported.  We need bi-partisan government.  It's how it always worked up until the last five years.  Negotiation is necessary to effect a change  in law... that means compromise.  It's time to get back to work and to choose our country and citizens.  Time to make it work!

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